The Church of the Highest Consumer
The Church of the Highest Consumer commissioned this work through Wormhole Intervention Projection Technology. These holy artifacts will be discovered in the year 2500 to establish the sanctity of The Church.
By the year 2400, Pangea has been reassembled and renamed.  The United Global State of Panamericorp, under the watchful eye of Global Overlord-elect George Hussein Clinton LVII, is an exponentially flourishing society run by mandatory and instant hyper-voting. 
Unanimous votes have abolished sexualities, races, religions, and political affiliations due to their divisiveness.  Time, deemed too depressing, has also been abolished.   Infrequent human-to-human interactions have left most people unable to understand facial cues and displays of emotion. Because of this, Thought Manifestation Helmets have become the main mode of communication.


Representatives of the Church of the Highest Consumer:

Xelga Ogglerod

High Priestess of Hipocrisy, Obfuscation, and Hegemonic Bliss


Jumpnacious Tambingo

High Priest of Profit and Past Reconstruction